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February 13, 2008 - 10:08 p.m.

Moving Away. Slowly. (Updated 02/15/11)

Okay, folks, short and sweet: For all intents and purposes, I left Diaryland in 2008, but -- I want to emphasize -- not because of anything Diaryland's webmaster had done "wrong."

All David'Z RantZ entries wound up here. I eventually added a second blog, one for my "real" writing, called The Lair of the Silver Fox. I've since incorporated David'Z RantZ into my "Foxyblog" before retiring my "Rantzyblog!" Confused? Me, too!

A handful of my Diaryland archives are still here. Most were recycled to the "new" David'Z RantZ address.

Hope to see you there.

Thanks for your time.

All entries copyright David M. Lynch, except where it's blatantly obvious that they aren't. And I don't care if this is the internet; don't f**k with me! And by the way, any e-mails I receive may be quoted from -- in whole or in part -- on my RantZ page (or elsewhere) without the permission of the author(s), unless you specifically state that you do not want me to do so somewhere in the body of the e-mail in question! S'awright? S'awright!

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